TC-MAB (Birgenair)

TC-MAB – McDonnell Douglas DC-eight-sixty one – Birgenair
at Duesseldorf Global Airport (DUS) in 1991

c/n 46.016 – developed in 1968 for Eastern Air Traces –
leased to Birgenair by Air Atlanta Icelandic from 1988-
re-reg. TC-MAB in 1989 and operated until eventually 1994 –
transformed to freighter and operated by ABX Air until eventually 2003 –

Birgenair was a Turkish charter airline firm proven in 1988 with headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. Owned by the Turkish businessman Mehmet Birgen, Birgenair operated charter flights from Western Europe to quite a few Turkish vacation places, originally with DC-eight plane. Later on it served the Turkish-German discounted vacation and tourism firm Öger Tours for flights from Germany to the Caribbean with Boeing 757 and 767 plane. Massive detrimental publicity about Birgenair and other discounted flight organizers in Germany adhering to the catastrophe of Birgenair Flight 301 on 06.02.1996 at Puerto Plata induced a sharp decline in reservations – the firm went into personal bankruptcy and shut later on that exact calendar year.

scanned from Kodachrome-sldie

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