Ideal Seen ON BLACK

Thank you incredibly substantially my pricey flickr close friends for all your ongoing fantastic remarks. Wishing you all a incredibly content weekend : ))

I love the heat colors in this image. There is also a fantastic, softness, sinuosness and luxuriousness about the styles, colors and composition of the leaves and their surroundings.

For anything distinctive, listed here is some enthusiastic singing from a single of my fav singers Bjork on “Big time sensuality” : ))


Stay version

About the track – In Bjork’s individual text when she was interviewed by David Hemingway.

“It is not erotic or sensual even if it may well seem like that. As you know, you develop rather deep, whole-on love associations with close friends. A ton of it is also about myself. I can be a coward a ton of the time and there comes a moment when I write a track when I get very courageous………. Would I like to know the upcoming? No. You can find a facet to me that likes to program a little bit forward and you can find a facet that just requirements to be absolutely free. I have acquired issues with booking airline tickets – I normally change them.”


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